B.S. Electrical Engineering

* PAM-266 Probability and Statistics

* EE-223 Electrical Machines-II

* EE-432 Power System Protection

* EE-226 Circuit Analysis-II




M.Sc. Systems/Electrical Engineering

* EE-501: Control System Design-I

* EE-601 Control System Design-II (Feedback Control Systems-II)

* EE-602 Nonlinear Control Systems

* EE-603 Optimal Control Engineering

* EE-612 Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance

* EE-521 Advanced Power Systems Protection

* EE-613 Electronic and Control Systems Lab-II

* Kalman filter based parameter optimization

* LQG Control for MIM1O Systems

* EE-513 Electronic and Control Systems Lab-I

* Parameter optimized Controller design