Dr. Muhammad Aqil




Other Publications/ Thesis Reports

M. Aqil, A. Qayyum, “A CAEN-VME based real-time signal acquisition (readout) system for Sim-Grid sensed electrons for beam diagnostic of a LINAC,” PINSTECH internal report, July, 2014.
M. Aqil, M.-Y. Jeong, S. S. Ge, “An embedded system for robust real-time brain-computer interfacing and brain imaging,” Ph.D. (Cogno-Mechatronics Engg.) Thesis, Pusan National University, Pusan, Rep. of Korea, 2013.
M. Aqil, G. Kasprowicz, U. Raich, “36 channel ADC test card,” CERN internal report, August, 2008.
M. Aqil, N. Masud and S. M. Pasha, “Development of a multiprocessor board for motion control,” M.Sc. (Systems Engg.) Thesis, Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), 2004.
M. Aqil, M. Abid, “Development of a Microcontroller based single board computer,” M.Sc. (Applied Physics) Thesis, University of Karachi, 2001.