1. Development of Pattern Recognition Lab at DCIS, PIEAS
  2. Organizing 2nd “International Symposium on Advances in Computer and Information Sciences” 24-Oct-17 to 26-Oct-17, in DCIS, PIEAS
  3. Development of Deep Learning Lab and Providing facility of Mini-Super Computer DGX-1 at, PIEAS
  4. Development of Data Science lab as HEAD DCIS
  5. Head Department of Computer and Information Sciences (DCIS), PIEAS, July 2016 onwards
  6. Member of the international society of Optics and Photonics, SPIE
  7. Enhancing Collaboration with other strategic organizations Through MS Thesis Projects; Restructuring of MS “Computer Science” Syllabus at PIEAS
  8. Introduction of new MS level Courses
  9. Increasing number of PhD scholars at DCIS, PIEAS
  10. Associate Editor, The Nucleus Journal
  11. Developed Proposal for AI Research Center at PIEAS
  12. Revision of BS Syllabus (Computer Science at PIEAS)
  13. Approval of “MS Cyber Security” program of DCIS
  14. Starting of Cyber Security MS Fellowships at PIEAS
  15. Development of a Computer Cluster at DCIS for MS and PhD Students
  16. Starting of MOS Certiport Training at PIEAS
  17. Presenting and Defending DCIS related issues in BOS, BOF, CGSR, and Academic Committees of PIEAS
  18. Convener of SAR PhD for DCIS
  19. SAR PhD evaluator for PIEAS
  20. PhD Progress report Evaluator for PAEC
  21. Focal Person of PhD Program Assessment Team, DCIS, PIEAS
  22. Board of Faculty, PIEAS, 2008-todate
  23. Board of Studies, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, PIEAS
  24. Hostels Warden at PIEAS in 2006-2007
  25. On the Panel of PhD of Examiners of COMSATS, Islamabad
  26. On the Panel of PhD of Examiners of NU-FAST, Islamabad